About Our Company

For best results, please enjoy the following while sipping on hot cocoa in front of a crackling fire…oh…if it's spring or summer, substitute for a cold glass of lemonade and an air conditioner!

Workforce Essentials is a non-traditional, private, non-profit organization with locations in 41 middle and west Tennessee counties serviced by nearly 200 employees. This is us today, read on for how we began.

In 1992 Workforce Essentials was operating grant programs under the Job Training Partnership Act and the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act in Tennessee. WE were selected by the North Tennessee Workforce Board and the local elected officials to deliver workforce development services for the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development in a 9 county area of middle Tennessee (Local Workforce Investment Area 8). Services include administration of the Tennessee American Job Center System and delivery of Adult, Dislocated and Youth programs to Job Seekers and Employers.

In 1995, Workforce Essentials was one of the original contractors to the Department of Human Services in the JobsWork program. Through the years, Workforce Essentials has been a committed and successful partner with DHS operating the Families First program. For nearly twenty years we have assisted tens of thousands of Tennesseans with becoming self-sufficient through job training and placement assistance.

In addition to our Tennessee service delivery area for individual job assistance programs, Workforce Essentials has expanded its Business Services Division into several states providing such programs as drug & alcohol testing, employee assessment & training, and business consulting. Through requests from local communities, we even became certified by the Tennessee Department of Safety to offer Driver Education courses. So far we've trained more than 10,000 new drivers!

That's our story in a nutshell. So while we continue to look for creative ways to serve our communities and neighbors, we invite you to check out the rest of our website for something we can do for you right now!