Career Readiness Certification

Will you select the best employee?! Career Readiness Certification ensures they are successful in the job you're hiring them for! The National Career Readiness Certificate program is a job skills assessment and credentialing service created by ACT® that tests individuals for certain skills. Best of all…Assessments are FREE and available at your local Tennessee American Job Center. Ask your Workforce Essentials representative for more information.

Career Readiness Certification:

  • FREE RESOURCE designed to 'grade' individuals on current job skill levels
  • Based on nationally recognized certification standards
  • Resource for local employers, allowing fair assessment of potential employees
  • Save money and time by interviewing only applicants who have the skill levels necessary for the job.

Need to find out what skills are really necessary to perform a specific job at your company?!? Workforce Essentials utilizes a national job profiling bank to match skill needs of more than 400 occupations. If you have a job specific to your business or industry, or you want a more in depth skills analysis, we have a nationally certified job profiler on staff that will customize a professional job profile just for you!