Hourly Driving & Court Referral

Workforce Essentials provides certified Driver Education instruction for all ages.

We offer Hourly Instruction for folks who may just need to brush up on their driving skills. People who have came from large cities with ample public transportation, are new to the United States, or senior adults who would like one-on-one instruction to feel more confident behind the wheel. If you are interested in Hourly Instruction, please contact your local Workforce Essentials office or 800.865.0981 to set up an appointment. Our instructors are often out driving, so please leave a message with your name and phone number and we'll call you back ASAP.

We also host Court Referral/Defensive Driving (4 hr) classes for drivers who are required to attend a defensive driving course. For individuals who have been legally required to participate in a Defensive Driving class in response to speeding ticket or moving violation, we offer a 4 hour Defensive Driving course. You will want to check with local law enforcement to ensure our 4 hour course meets that community's requirements. Once you confirm our Defensive Driving Course is what you need, you register online for scheduled classes. We will try to make this quick and painless for you!

We aim to help all our customers become safe and happy drivers!