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COVID Recovery Jobs:

The NEG COVID positions are grant funded temporary positions. The NEG grant provides temporary employment opportunities for recently dislocated workers resulting from the Coronavirus Pandemic. The anticipated duration of the position is from 3-6 months with the possibility of extended […]

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Community Cares Business Grants:

Click the link below to electronically fill out a grant application.  

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Community Cares Technology Grants:

NM AJC Directory of Service click the link to find an American Job Center location near you. AJC Staff will assist you with the application process.

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One-Stop Operator and Career Service Provider Procurement:

Thomas P. Miller and Associates, LLC (TPMA) is managing the procurement of three roles for the Northern Middle Tennessee Local Workforce Development Board:  One-Stop Operator Adult & Dislocated Worker Career Service Provider(s) Youth Service Provider(s) Request for Proposals (RFPs) for […]

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Click to download the NEG Grant Pre-Application .

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